What is the Good News for this person?

What is good news for this person?

This image has struck me at my core. I have had a print-out of it in my office this past month or so, and each time I look at it I am challenged. As a potential chaplain in the military what would I say if I came across one of my soldiers in this condition. Would I be able to say anything at all? My heart cringes, each time I look at this image. I sometimes question whether this image is artwork or a real life moment captured on film. Either way, the question still resonates through my mind, ‘What would I say to him?’

The only adequate thing I can think of to say is as follows:

“As a minister of Jesus Christ I am here to tell you that Christ has paved the path to take away all anguish, all suffering and all injustice from this world. I am here to tell you that you are loved, cared for and by the grace of the Lord there is a place for all Christians reserved at the table of our heavenly Father. The undeniable pain you are feeling right now is temporary and has already been dealt with by Christ himself. Although these things I speak of are in the future, I am here to aid you in whatever way I can. Come let’s find you some clothes and a warm drink.”

Please my friends, pray for me that I will never have to come across anything like this, not for my sake, but for the sake of the men I serve. However if I do come across this please pray that I will have the wisdom and sensitivity of Jesus. Pray that God will lead me by His spirit and that the pure, untainted love of Christ will shine through me.

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