Our church is holding a series on the 7 Deadly Sins this term. Looking over the kids church lesson for this week it dawned on me that we all struggle with sin, but just trying to shed sin might not be enough. What do we replace it with? Luckily for me my church kids ministry manual pointed me in the right direction.

Pride, the act of thinking we know best and replacing our trust in God with doubt in His rule was the cause of original sin (Gen 3). God told mankind that they should not eat from a certain tree for the consequences would be death. (Gen 2:15-17) but Adam and Eve’s pride got in the way. They were convinced (with some persuasion) that God was wrong about death and surely they would know everything and be like God himself. (Gen 3:13)

So if Christ died for our sin, our pride, then what do we replace our pride with? The answer, Humility. We cannot possibly know or achieve everything all the time, but God can. We need to be humble in Christ. Philippians 2:3 says: “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conceit but consider others better than yourselves.”

So we can apply this by always speaking truth, not boasting in ourselves but boasting in Christ and when we do good works give the honor back to the Lord.

So the challenge for me is to turn this into a kids talk. Yeeeehah

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