How well do you know the Gospel Message of Christ?

There are DIY guides to access the afterlife, 10 ways to perfection, 7 gospel truths, 2 ways to live, 1 way not to live and a really painful headache at the end of all that reading. Sigh. Why is the most influential and life changing story of mankind so simple yet so hard to understand? Wouldn’t it be easier if God wrote it down somewhere? Lucky for us, he did.

So I’ve been attempting to uncover the core components of the Gospel Message. What is the essential message that needs to shared in order to successfully tell the someone about the Good News of Christianity? Is that message “God loves you”? or “You are going to hell if you do bad things”? or “God loves you and the gospel is that God will forgive your sins if you believe in Him”? or maybe it’s even “God wants you to live abundantly so that you can reflect His glory”! Why is it that there are so many different versions of the same story?

If someone asked you “What is God, and why should I believe in Him?” How would you answer that someone. Go on, have a go now, spend 30 seconds thinking about how you would tell the most important story that they are ever going to hear. It could be their last chance…

The Gospel message can be found in several places within the bible. In my experience breaking it down into four simple parts is the easiest way to convey it’s message. This way you cover the crucial information in the shortest time possible. Each part can be explored in incredible depth, however the core of the Gospel message is this:

  1. God is the perfect author of creation and rules over it. (Genesis 1)
  2. Humanity is rebellious in nature, continually rebelling against its Creator. (Romans 3:23)
  3. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His human life was a gift from God. One that enables a reconciliation between humanity and God. (Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)
  4. The way mankind can accept Jesus’ gift is to believe in Him and to be sorry for their rebellious actions. (John 3:36)

That’s it, complete. Make it interesting by relating it to a particular context. If you cover these four points I am confident that you are doing a fantastic job at sharing the great news of your Lord and Saviour. It can be as short as this, or as long as time permits.

For a great video on the gospel message check out the CONNECT WITH CHRIST link at the top of the page. There you will also have access to some great resources for learning, or sharing the Gospel message.

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