A Life of Sacrifice – Paul Washer Video

So I don’t know a lot about Paul Washer, but I have heard his name thrown around a bit. Having done no more than 5 minutes of Googling to get an idea of what Washer believes, teaches and preaches. I found (as always) a mixed response from the reformed community. Some say he’s great claiming that he teaches “a person is saved through faith alone,┬ábut the evidence of a person’s repentance is by walking with Jesus”. Whereas others say that “he makes the deadly error of confusing the FRUIT of repentance with the ROOT of repentance”.

I’m second year at bible college so I’m not going to make any great assumptions largely based on other peoples opinions. But I did find this video quite compelling. Here Washer speaks very passionately about going out and DOING the GOSPEL! In my opinion the best quote from the video:

I’ve never heard an old man wish that he’d spent less time with his wife and children and I’ve never met an old preacher who regretted spending too much time in prayer… Paul Washer


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