Meme Culture

Our social media platforms are littered with them. If you’re anything like me you ignore most of them anyway. Especially the ‘Christian’ ones. Some of them are cringe worthy. Others are catchy. But whether we like it or not they are having a huge impact on Internet users globally.

Chuck Norris, Cute Cats, Cheezburgers, Dancing Babies, de-motivationals and just about any combination of the above are but a few of the culture defining memes that have been on our computer screens for almost 10 years.

But what about Christian memes? I’m going to get straight to the point. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

If it’s supposed to be Christian, it’s supposed to be biblical. Feel good Christianity, that leaves the scriptures out, is like taking two Panadols for a freshly amputated leg.

Let’s leave the feel good memes that are devoid of biblical accuracy for the spiritualists and fitness junkies. Now, I should be clear, I’m not suggesting that every meme should be quoting the bible.

Take for example this meme, that I conveniently excavated from my Facebook feed this morning…


Consider these two statements.

Happiness comes when we stop complaining our troubles.
Happiness comes when we thank God for the troubles that we don’t have.

If I’m reading my bible correctly, it’s a negatory on the first statement, and an even more profound negatory on the second.

Australian culture screams to us that if we have positive thoughts, and try our hardest to be the best we can be, then happiness will come to us. But does it? What’s your experience? If you ignore your troubles do they go away and are you left ultimately feeling happy?

What about God’s perspective? I believe he encourages us to be optimistic, and have a grateful attitude. But it’s optimism for Christ’s return, and the new kingdom. It’s a grateful attitude in response to being forgiven for our ultimate rebellion against God. This freedom is pure joy. It’s exhilarating. This news, of forgiveness and life is what Facebook users need to hear. Let’s not dilute this awesome message by living out and sharing a crossless christianity.

Here’s a meme I like.


To me, it is finding the central message of what the bible has to say about a certain topic and communicating it in a single phrase. If you’re not interested in sharing stuff from the bible, then maybe it’s best to leave God out of it.

Christians, if you are going to share memes as a reflection of who you are, then please, for heaven’s sake, reflect an accurate image of who God created you to be.

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