Father of aborted child charged with murder…

So this has been bothering me for a while. Why is it that an aborted fetus is disregarded and incinerated as medical waste, yet a miscarried fetus is treated with human-like dignity?

Additionally, if you’re at fault in a car accident and an unborn child’s life is lost along with the mother’s… You are accountable for two accounts of murder/manslaughter.

I’ve been bothered that the value of an unborn life is determined by how ‘wanted’ it is by it’s mother.

Then I found this article. An American man has been charged by authorities for tricking his spouse into receiving an abortion via a pill.

The man is being charged with falsely impersonating a medical professional to attain the medication, and also with murder. He has admitted guilt and settled for a lessor punishment.

The agreement spared him from a potential sentence of life in prison on the original charge of murder under the Protection of Unborn Children Act.

Obviously what he did is wrong… But I can’t help but to think, why is it not murder if the woman chooses to take the medication. What if the roles were reversed? What if he wanted to keep the child and she didn’t?

How can governments be pro life yet pro abortion yet punish people for practicing it…? I’m confused.

Id like to tack on the end here a little about redemption. There’s a great book called ReDemption by Mike Wilkerson which is part of the ReLit series forwarded by Mark Driscoll. It talks about recovering from physical and emotional abuse. I don’t want to be the guy who condemns people for their choices. I am pro life and anti abortion, but I’m not the guy who sits back and judges people for their actions. If you’ve found this blog post and are struggling with abortion related problems, I’d really encourage you to give this book a read and see where you end up at the end. Many blessings.

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