Kids are: Disciples in training. Not disciples in waiting.

When I started working at Creek Road Presbyterian Church I was reluctant to enter kids ministry. I felt it was a long way from where I wanted to serve. I’m so glad that I gave it a shot. In fact I have found it to be a time of great growth in my own spiritual journey.

Last term I had a great opportunity to do a Kids Talk as a guest at a Korean Presbyterian Church in Brisbane. It was totally awesome to see such a great community of kids all meeting together and being overly enthusiastic about learning God’s Word.

The Pastor, Matthew Kim, while introducing me raised just his pinky finger and said “You are little disciples”. It was really encouraging that those kids are learning what it means to share their faith at such a young age. Encouraging them to share the gospel and training them for a lifetime of ministry. (Sorry QTC…)

This is a video that was shown at our church earlier this year, and it really speaks for itself.

The children that are in your life are the church of tomorrow. What are you doing to encourage them to be the spiritual leaders that they need to be? These children will be the ones who pass Christ’s church on to future generations.

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2 thoughts on “Kids are: Disciples in training. Not disciples in waiting.

  1. I was reading through a prayer by CH Spurgeon this morning during quiet time with my girlfriend and there was a whole section on praying for Sunday Schools and youth. Praying for leaders of Sunday schools to see the opportunities for planting and growing the gospel. Spurgeon finished saying (paraphrased) there is no reason why all children shouldn’t leave Sunday school as they enter adolescence as born again believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Reflecting on this prayer and my own spiritual life it made me realise how grateful I am for the diligence and commitment of my Sunday School teachers and how much I have neglected to pray for Sunday school leaders and kids over the past few years.

    Bottom line – may God equip Sunday school leaders globally and may Sunday schools continue to transform kid’s lives!

  2. yeah, I totally agree. It’s amazing how much my eyes have been opened up to the need for ministry into children’s lives. In retrospect I can see several key and influential people and groups that helped me along the way. It’s inspirational to think that children that are in my life will look back and see similar things. Spurgeon has some great things to say.

    On an aside, it’s great to see you doing some devotional stuff with your girlfriend. Keep strong in the Lord.

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